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  • RT @U4PatentReform: Patent reform advocates are launching a ‘super-coalition’ to whack patent trolls via @washington…
    10 Days Ago
  • RT @HBDChristina: AH&LA Calls on Congress to Reauthorize TRIA
    17 Days Ago
  • RT @SpeakerBoehner: It’s important we reauthorize terrorism risk insurance. Protects businesses & services Americans…
    17 Days Ago
  • RT @SenDeanHeller: #TRIA remains a high priority for our state’s #tourism and #travel industries. It’s time for the Senate to act.
    17 Days Ago
  • @SpeakerBoehner The hotel industry agrees #40isFullTime WATCH:
    19 Days Ago
  • Holiday travel plans? @CDCFlu says #GetAFluVax 2 weeks before a trip. Learn more
    38 Days Ago
  • Congress adjourning w/o reauthorizing #TRIA is a completely avoidable setback that will have serious ramifications
    38 Days Ago
  • TRIA provides certainty for hotel industry, enables continued growth and development. Congress must find a path forward to pass #TRIA.
    39 Days Ago
  • AH&LA has filed a lawsuit together with @AAHOAoffice to challenge the L.A. hotel ordinance. Click for full release:
    39 Days Ago
  • Hotel, retail & finance groups sent Congress a letter outlining principles for cybersecurity info sharing legislation
    50 Days Ago

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